If you live to far to be able to come and pick your precious bundle of joy up, that is ok.

We ship to all parts of the United States, into parts of Canada Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver.

Rates average  $400.00 & up.

All puppies shipped, are well prepared for their flight.


Travel Crate

Health Certificate



Some flights may run a little more, depending on:

time of year

If it is a comfort stay


Comfort stay is no more then 12 hours. They take the pup to a kennel facility that is usually ran by the airport. They take the pup out feed and water it allow it to exercise and they play with it.


& an overnight stay runs a little more

Overnight stay is the same thing, as a Comfort stay, besides they consider it an overnight if it is longer then 12 hours.

We try and only fly into airports that the facility is on the airport grounds.



We use United Pet Safe/United Airlines

United Airlines






Offers airport-to-airport travel for animals. Our program includes a dedicated 24-hour PetSafe desk, the ability to track your pets from origin to destination and much more.

Attendants that take very special care of your pet.




Pet’s health certificate issued by a veterinarian, dated within 10 days of travel .