Questions & Answers



Are Hybrids Aggressive?

ANY animal can be dangerous, Especially, around young children. This is especially true when it comes to large animals. We have never had any problems, but  never  leave a child alone with any  large animal. Not because of aggression, but  because any large animal, no matter if it is  a dog, cat, horse or wolf hybrid ,  can unintentionally hurt a child just by trying to play with them.



Teach Children To Respect Animals

Children also need to be taught to respect animals.  To handled properly, never hit, pulled, yanked at or yelled at. Children, should not be taught,  that all dogs are friendly. Do not ,walk up to strange animals.  Children should not  play with strange animals, unless the owner is there and say’s it’s ok.




Why are hybrids so expensive?

You can find cheaper pets. Here at,Howling Hills  We choose, the  Parents, very carefully.  Making sure both are good temperament and healthy.

The dam and sire are well cared for. The breeding is planned, supervised and controlled. The parents are protected, and loved.

The pups are born around family. The puppies know love from the minute they are born.  They are handled everyday by adults and children. They are kept clean and healthy. They are raised around other dogs, horses and animals.

All of the pups get  their first shots and deworming.

Most people raise hybrids, because they trully love them and want to share that with other families. Not for the money.




Should I get a High, Low or Med content?

Look for a lower or mid content. You still get gorgeous wolfy features, intense personalities and extreme intelligence in a completely domesticated hybrid that will be great with your family.


Always be safe!