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Howling Hills Wolf Hybrids

Is the #1 source of information on Wolf Hybrid Dogs.

We are building a community that shares training techniques, feeding ideas, and gets buyers in contact with other Wolf Hybrid Owners.



Our pups are raised, with love, around people & other animals.


They are low content Wolf Huskies

We have found that low content gives you a pet that is very smart, eager to please, loyal, easily trainable, and perfect for anyone who is interested in a “wolfdog”.



All pups are registered with CKC.

Come with:

first shots

If They fly, we mail them some: toys and

registration papers.

If they are picked up, we send them home with: Toys, Leash, Collar, Registration papers.

Looking forward to our new arrivals, in a couple of weeks. keep coming back and share in their arrival & as they grow with us!

Come back as we grow our website, more information for you, more ideas, lots of cool pictures and  much, much more! look forward to seeing you along the way!